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Trucking - Global Logistics Solutions

About the company

Given the importance of shipping and transit process and its significant impact on the course of a public-private global economy and the Egyptian economy, and the lack of many companies' ability to meet the customer needs of global quality, came a company that I Time and we took upon ourselves to develop this area ideology administrative privileged to achieve the highest quality standards in the performance of special cargo and supply logistics operations.

International Transport Company was founded under the auspices of the efforts of a lot of competencies proven in the field and began to practice the activity inside Egypt as a specialist international transport equipment and sledgehammers (sea - air - Berri) and customs clearance.

The company has all the activities and services branching from this area in addition to providing packaging, warehousing, customs clearance, cargo insurance services, and operating company that I Time harmony within the global and local network of agents professional shipping cover all parts of the world, and the development of this network to check the meet all the needs and conditions customers in the provision of logistics, services. It became our organs and our companies face significant social changes on top of the change in the labor changes in behavior, values and attitudes powers structures, increasing the concerns of workers' rights, social pressures and the successive Environmental Protection

our mission

Help our clients to develop and develop their businesses and achieve their ambitions and preserve them from falling any error in the application of laws and regulations to ensure the continuity of their business.

our promise

  • To fulfill the obligation
  • Continuous development
  • Achieve customer satisfaction
  • Integrity and honesty